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Mag Drill Chuck Adapter

This is a heavy-duty Mag drill Chuck Adapter that helps to make your magnetic drill press more durable, the Adapter is manufactured of heavy-duty materials and is heat resistant. It is furthermore flexible, so you can use it with various size drill presses, the Adapter comes in a package of two, and effortless to use.

Mag Drill Chuck Adapter Ebay

This Mag drill Chuck Adapter is for the and Mag drills, and helps prevent qualification issues, it's made of materials that are usually not compatible with each other, like aluminum and plastic. This Mag drill Chuck Adapter for the Mag drill is sterling for shoppers with an 2 capacity Mag drill, the Adapter fits them perfectly and allows for uncomplicated installation. This is a heavy-duty Mag drill Chuck Adapter that helps to reduce vibration and sound while you're working in a magnetic drill press, it's available in 58 mm by 45 mm and is designed to work with the Mag drill press. This Adapter is new and imparts never been used, the fein Chuck is produced of durable materials and is designed to last for years of use. It is a key part of any drill kit.